Title Serie Funding From To
2nd Neogene Polar Marine Diatom Workshop IODP-MI, ANDRILL, ACE 04/08/2007 09/08/2007
Acquiring High to Ultra-High Resolution Geological Records of Past Climate Changes by Scientific Drilling IODP Workshop IODP-MI 29/09/2008 01/10/2008
Addressing Geologic Hazards Through Ocean Drilling IODP Workshop IODP-MI, InterMARGINS 26/08/2007 30/08/2007
Advancing our understanding of Cretaceous ocean dynamics by scientific drilling MagellanPlus Workshop Series ECORD-ICDP (MagellanPlus), USSSP, IODP-MI 15/04/2013 17/04/2013
Advancing Sub-surface Biosphere and Paleoclimate Research MagellanPlus Series Workshop ECORD-ICDP (MagellanPlus) 21/08/2014 23/08/2014
Applications of IODP data in petroleum exploration JAPT, SEGJ, J-DESC/AESTO, IODP, JAMSTEC 26/07/2006 26/07/2006
Arctic Ocean History: From Speculation to Reality Magellan Workshop Series Consortium for Ocean Leadership, ESF (Magellan) 03/11/2008 05/11/2008
Beyond 2013 : the Future of European Scientific Drilling Research Magellan Workshop Series ESF (Magellan) 24/04/2009 25/04/2009
Biogeochemical controls on paleoceanographic proxies UK IODP 03/10/2005 04/10/2005
BLACKSINK MagellanPlus Workshop Series ECORD-ICDP (MagellanPlus) 27/02/2014 28/02/2014
Capturing a Salt Giant Magellan Workshop Series ESF (Magellan) 13/10/2006 15/10/2006
Chikyu +10 IODP-MI, JAMSTEC 21/04/2013 23/04/2013
Climate-Tectonic Drilling in SE Asia JOI, InterMARGINS, JAMSTEC, J-DESC 05/06/2006 07/06/2006
Co-ordinated Scientific Drilling in the Beaufort Sea:  Addressing past, present and future changes in Artic terrestrial and marine systems IODP-MI, IODP Canada, ICDP 12/02/2012 15/02/2012
COld-water CArbonate Reservoir systems in Deep Environments (COCARDE) Magellan Workshop Series ESF (Magellan) 21/01/2009 24/01/2009
Continental Breakup IODP Workshop IODP-MI, InterMARGINS 15/09/2006 18/09/2006
CORK add-on day to the Downhole Tools Workshop USSSP, JOI 26/05/2004 26/05/2004
Costa Rica Seismogenesis Project (CRISP) USSSP, GEOMAR 20/10/2003 23/10/2003
Deep Sea and Sub-Seafloor Conference European Commission, DS3F, MARUM, University of Bremen 11/03/2012 14/03/2012
Deep-Sea Floor Frontier: an Integrated Approach to Study the Deep Sea-Floor and its History IODP, ECORD 01/06/2006 02/06/2006
Deep-sea Record of Mediterranean Messinian Events (DREAM) MagellanPlus Workshop Series ECORD-ICDP (MagellanPlus) 05/05/2013 08/05/2013
Deep-sea Record of Mediterranean Messinian Events II (DREAM II) MagellanPlus Workshop Series ECORD-ICDP (MagellanPlus), TerMex 20/01/2014 23/01/2014
Deep-Water Circulation: Processes and Products LNEG, U. Vigo, Petrobras, Heriot Watt, OGS, IGME, CSIC 16/06/2010 18/06/2010
Downhole Tools in the IODP: Achieving Critical Goals of Scientific Ocean Drilling USSSP 24/05/2004 25/05/2004
Drilling an active hydrothermal system of a submarine intraoceanic arc volcano MagellanPlus Workshop Series ECORD-ICDP (MagellanPlus) 15/11/2012 17/11/2012
Drilling for the Future ECORD-Net ECORD 27/05/2008 29/05/2008
Drilling the Cretaceous-Palaeogene Tropical South Atlantic MagellanPlus Series Workshops ECORD-ICDP (MagellanPlus) 02/02/2015 04/02/2015
Drilling through an active caldera, offshore Campi Flegrei, Eastern Tyrrhenian margin Magellan Workshop Series ESF (Magellan) 13/11/2006 15/11/2006
Drilling to Decipher Long-Term Sea Level Changes and Effects JOI, IODP, ICDP, DOSECC, Chevron 08/10/2007 10/10/2007
Engaging Early Career Scientists in Future Scientific Ocean Drillling IODP-MI, Consortium for Ocean Leadership, USSP 30/03/2011 01/04/2011
EuroFORUM 2006 & IODP Drilling Proposal Writing Project Magellan Workshop Series ECORD, UK IODP, ESF (Magellan) 08/05/2006 09/05/2006
EuroFORUM 2008 - Achievements and Perspectives in Ocean and Continental Drilling (EGU 2008) IODP, ICDP, ECORD 17/04/2008 17/04/2007
Exploring Escarpment Mud Mount Systems and Mud Volcanoes with New European Strategies for Sustainable Mid-Depth Coring Magellan Workshop Series ESF (Magellan) 26/04/2007 29/04/2007
Exploring Subseafloor Life with the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program IODP Workshop IODP-MI, JOI 03/10/2006 05/10/2006
Exploring the Deep Biosphere with Scientific Ocean Drilling Magellan Workshop Series ESF (Magellan), ECORD 26/01/2006 29/01/2006
Fault Zone Drilling IODP Workshop IODP-MI, ICDP 23/05/2006 26/05/2006
Fluid flow in Arctic continental margins and ocean ridges DS3F (WP5) DS3F 30/05/2011 31/05/2011
Future Drilling of the Chicxulub Impact Crater IODP, ICDP 11/09/2006 12/09/2006
Gas-Hydrate Observatories Workshop 18/07/2007 20/07/2007
Geological Carbon Capture & Storage in Mafic and Ultramafic Rocks: Role of oceanic and continental scientific drilling Magellan Workshop Series ESF (Magellan) 08/01/2011 12/01/2011
Integrated Southern Ocean Latitudinal Transects (ISOLAT) MagellanPlus Workshop Series ECORD-ICDP (MagellanPlus), IMAGES II 23/09/2013 25/09/2013
Investigating Mediterranean-Atlantic Gateway Exchange (IMAGE) MagellanPlus Workshop Series ECORD-ICDP (MagellanPlus) 05/05/2015 08/05/2015
IODP Drilling of the 'Shackelton Sites' on the Iberin Margin: in search of a Plio-Pleistocene marine reference section Magellan Workshop Series ESF (Magellan) 09/11/2009 10/11/2009
IODP drilling within the Corinth continental rift, Greece MagellanPlus Workshop Series ECORD-ICDP (MagellanPlus) 10/02/2014 14/03/2014
IODP New Ventures in Exploring Scientific Targets (INVEST) IODP-MI, ECORD, NSF, MEXT, ANZIC, K-IODP, IODP-India, IODP-China 23/09/2009 25/09/2009
Large Igneous Provinces Workshop IODP Workshop IODP-MI, JOI 21/07/2007 26/07/2007
Lithospheric heterogeneities, hydrothermal regimes, and links between abiotic and biotic processes at slow spreading ridges  Magellan Workshop Series ESF (Magellan) 10/09/2008 12/09/2008
Magellan Introductory Course in Ocean Drilling Sciences (MICOD) Magellan Workshop Series ESF (Magellan) 15/07/2009 23/07/2009
Marine Impacts and Environmental Consequences Magellan Workshop Series ESF (Magellan), ICDP, Statoil, Norsk Hydro, UNIS, Univ. Oslo 10/09/2007 13/09/2007
Melting, Magma, Fluids and Life: Workshop ofr Scientific Ocean Drilling Consortium for Ocean Leadership, UK IODP, 27/06/2009 29/06/2009
Mission Moho : The Formation and Evolution of Oceanic Lithosphere IODP Workshop IODP-MI, JOI, Ridge 2000, InterRidge 07/09/2006 09/09/2006
North Atlantic Drilling for Climate Dynamics MagellanPlus Workshop series ECORD-ICDP (MagellanPlus), EARTHTIME-EU 15/09/2014 17/09/2014
Observatories in Scientific Ocean Drilling IODP Workshop IODP-MI, Consortium for Ocean Leadership 11/09/2012 12/10/2012
Ocean Drilling for Seismic Hazard in European Geosystems Magellan Workshop Series ESF (Magellan) 18/08/2008 20/08/2008
Ocean Margins LINK Programme NERC 15/11/2006 16/11/2006
Overcoming barriers to Arctic Ocean scientific drilling: the site survey challenge Magellan Workshop Series ESF (Magellan) 01/11/2011 03/11/2011
Palaeoclimate Change: High-latitudes and Ocean Circulation UK IODP, NERC, Geotek Ltd, IMAGES 02/06/2005 03/06/2005
Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology of the Southern Ocean JOI 21/01/2005 23/01/2005
Paleoenvironmental Evolution of the Baltic Sea through the Last Glacial Cycle Magellan Workshop Series ESF (Magellan) 08/03/2009 09/03/2009
Pliocene climate Magellan Workshop Series ESF (Magellan) 23/10/2009 25/10/2009
Real-time Amphibic Monitoring & Borehole Observatories (RAMBO) Magellan Workshop Series ESF (Magellan) 14/10/2010 16/10/2010
Records of geohazards and monsoonal changes in the Northern Bay of Bengal MagellanPlus Workshop Series ECORD-ICDP (MagellanPlus), USSSP, IODP-MI 08/10/2012 10/10/2012
Scientific drilling in the Chukchi Sea: Linking North Pacific and Arctic Ocean history IODP-MI, USSSP 14/03/2013 16/03/2013
Scientific Drilling in the Indian Ocean IODP-MI, USSSP, ANZIC, MoES 17/10/2011 18/10/2011
Scientific Ocean Drilling behind the Assessment of Geo-hazards from Submarine Slides Magellan Workshop Series ESF (Magellan) 25/10/2006 27/10/2006
Seismic and Volcanic Hazards 29/05/2006 31/05/2006
Southern African Climates, Agulhas Warm Water Transport and Retroflection and Interocean Water Exchanges Magellan Workshop Series ESF (Magellan) 19/09/2007 21/09/2007
Tectonics, Circulation, and Climate in the Caribbean Gateway JOI 30/03/2006 01/04/2006
The Bering Strait, Rapid Climate Change and Land Bridge Paleoecology JOI, USSSP, IARC 20/06/2005 22/06/2005
The Deep Biosphere DS3F (WP3) DS3F 03/05/2011 04/05/2011
The GOLD project - Drilling in the Western Mediterranean Sea Magellan Workshop Series ESF (Magellan) 19/10/2010 22/10/2010
The MoHole: a Crustal Journey and a Mantle Quest IODP-MI, JAMSTEC, Interidge, Consortium for Ocean Leadership 03/06/2010 05/06/2010
Using Ocean Drilling to Unlock the Secrets of Slow Slip Events IODP Workshop IODP-MI, Consortium for Ocean Leadership 01/08/2011 05/08/2011
Volcanic basins: scientific, economic and environmental aspects Magellan Workshop Series ESF (Magellan) 09/05/2010 10/05/2010